Treatments are tailored to you, as everybody is different..

Swedish Massage

To aid muscular tension and pain, or just as a treat to provide relaxation and combat everyday stresses.

Back, neck shoulders   (30 minutes) £25

Full Body                            (60 minutes) £40

Aromatherapy Massage

Slower and deeper manipulation of the body using a pre-blended range of sensuous oils.

Back, neck shoulders   (30 minutes) £35

Full Body                             (60 minutes) £48

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated black basalt stones your masseuse will melt away your tensions. Up to six times deeper than a traditional massage, this is the ultimate option for those seeking intensive treatment.

Particularly beneficial for long standing muscle problems, the deep, penetrating heat improves blood flow, enhances muscle tone and reduces stiffness.

The combination of heat and pressure is incredibly relaxing, while especially good for those suffering with an ‘itis’ (rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, etc.) and poor blood circulation.

(60 Minutes)  £69